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Australian keeper Brad Haddin apologises for radio comments

Melbourne: Australian wicketkeeper Brad Haddin has said it was never his intention to offend anyone during a radio interview after Sunday’s World Cup victory.

Australia defeated New Zealand in the World Cup final on Sunday at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). Haddin spoke with a Sydney radio station on Monday after celebrating his team’s title triumph extensively with his teammates throughout the night on Sunday.

The 37-year-old said he wished he had not gone on air after such a night of merriment and celebrations.

“We were celebrating a World Cup win and enjoying ourselves after a long tournament. In hindsight, we should have stayed off the radio. If I offended anyone, it was never my intention,” Haddin was quoted as saying by on Tuesday.

Haddin’s comments during the radio interview have been used by some sections of the media to criticise the Australian players for their behaviour during the final.

Asked about the send-offs given to New Zealand opener Martin Guptill and Grant Elliot during the final and the constant sledging that the team, encouraged by Haddin, resorted to in the final, Haddin said: “You know what? They deserved it. They were that nice to us in New Zealand (during their match in the pool stages) and we were that uncomfortable.”

“I said in the team meeting: ‘I can’t stand for this anymore. We’re going at them as hard as we can. I said, ‘I’m not playing cricket like this’.”

“If we get another crack at these guys in the final I’m letting everything (out). And I’m not going to play another One-Day game so they can suspend me for as long as they like,” added Haddin.

The veteran wicket-keeper also described his teammates celebrations as they partied for the victory.

“I’ll paint a picture for you now. I’ve got James Faulkner who’s got his clothes off but don’t tell everyone. And I’ve got the Marsh boys, and you know I can’t even talk about the Marsh boys because you know what trouble they have.

“I’ve got Josh Hazlewood. He’s never been drunk in 30 years. It’s a problem. We just can’t get him drunk. He’s an absolute nightmare to drink with,” he said. (courtesy